Welcome new students!

free trial week

Here's how:

New students are free to try any classes they would like for the Summer Session, which is June 4-July 28,  or during our Fall/Spring Session. Please note that trial classes are unavailable for classes that are FULL, and they are also very limited after January 31st, 2020 due to recital performance rehearsals.  Here's how:

- Take a look at our class schedule and decide which day you'd like to come in to start your free trial week, no reservations necessary.

- Visit the front desk upon arrival at least 10 minutes before the first class you'd like to try, and we will give you a week pass valid for seven days, during which you can try any classes available for your dancer's age.  *Note:  the same class cannot be tried TWICE for free; if you'd like to try a class twice, a $25 drop-in fee is required.  

Dress Code for Trials:  Please take a look at the dress code for classes; however, if you do not have these items and would prefer to purchase AFTER registration, please have your dancer wear comfortable gym clothes.



new student evaluations

Optional for incoming students age 7 and up

Incoming students ages 7 and up can be evaluated for appropriate class level three ways:   1. free trial classes (above)   2. semi-private evaluations   and   3. private evaluation

- Semi-Private Evaluations are available for students seeking to be evaluated in ballet before registering for or trialing classes. Our next scheduled Semi-Privates will be Monday, June 17th at from 5 to 5:30PM and Thursday, June 27th from 5:45 to 6:15PM. Semi-Private Evaluations cost $10 per student.  

- To reserve your semi-private evaluation slot, please email Ms. Mirannda at officemanager@dancetada.com

​- Private Lesson:  New students may email or call us for a private one-on-one evaluation.  Prices vary beginning at $40/half hour.